COVID-19 precautions

We are making arrangements to conduct SSIP 2021 summer school live in Rijeka. We expect that no travel restrictions will be imposed in July and August for EU countries, therefore all students and teachers should be able to travel effortlessly.

We are currently obligated to wear mouth/nose covering protective masks indoors. It is likely that this regulation will remain in force even during the summer. Lecture hall in which lectures are planned to be held has a standard capacity for 244 students, but has been reduced to comply with the current regulations. The same holds for the informatics laboratories. The premises are cleaned and sanitised regularly.

Therefore, we expect no significant problems; however, we are prepared to go full online – if the pandemic conditions tighten, we will make all the necessary arrangements to carry the organisation to a fully-online format.

We will post additional information concerning the health precautions and regulations as they become available.

Lecture hall
One half of the lecture hall (the halves are separated by a moving wall)
Computer science laboratory
Informatics cabinet (one of seven)