Tibor Lukić, Ph.D.

University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences

image processing, digital and discrete geometry, tomography, optimization, pattern recognition

Tibor Lukic was born in Kikinda (Yugoslavia) on February 13, 1974. He received the Ph.D. degree, in the field of applied mathematics, from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia (2011), where he is an associate professor since 2017. His research interest are in image processing, tomography, optimization, numerical mathematics, digital and discrete geometry and pattern recognition.


Mathematical models in image processing

Energy minimization models are often used in many image processing problems, such as tomography, image denoising or segmentation. Incorporating a priori information about the solution into the energy minimization model is called regularization. Shape descriptors are often applied as regularization. Several important shape descriptors will be presented and analyzed. Calculus of variations is a mathematical discipline which provides a good basis for solving several segmentation problems, especially with the help of active contour models. The presentation will provide a brief overview of this area.

Keywords: energy minimization, calculus of variations, active contours, shape descriptors, optimization methods